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Divination: 2 spread layout list

These are divination spreads with a layout of 2 spaces. They can be used with many different forms of divination such as tarot, runes, or oracle cards. Blockage | Solution Situation | Challenge I | You Aim | Blockage Ideal | Settling for Now | Later Situation | Extra info Querent | Adversary Choice A | Choice B Core Need […]

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Tarot Spread: Two halves of the same heart tarot spread

Two halves of the same heart tarot spread This tarot spread is used to bring insight into a relationship between two people, whether that relationship be platonic, or romantic. This will help you understand each other, or where you are coming from, along with figuring out how you guys can improve your relationship. Hopefully this can help you connect together […]

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Tarot Spread: First Hand Tarot Spread

This is a 5 Card spread that I would like to call the first hand tarot spread. This tarot spread is primarily used to read people, and give you insight into the person before you associate yourself with them. This is just a base understanding of the person, and what you can expect to get yourself into. Though humans are […]

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Tarot Spread: The Should I Wolf Spread

The Should I Wolf Spread This spread is to help you find your path. It will guide you by making you consider, and review the consequences from a certain situation to see if you should make that decision in the first place. This spread works best on questions that are in the form of  “should I” questions. 1 –  What […]