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Witchcraft: Invocation, and Evocation

Introduction: Invocation, and evocation are two very important parts of magick, and the occult. These concepts are very similar, but are also very different in many ways, and should be understood, so that you can work better with them in your practice. These words both have to do with calling forth constructs, but they both do it in their own […]

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Spiritual Practice: Altered States Of Consciousness

Altered states of consciousness also called altered state of minds, or mind alterations, and sometimes abbreviated to ASC, are a very important part of a whole lot of spiritual practices, and techniques. An altered state of consciousness can be achieved through anything that makes your consciousness different than where it usually resides. In an altered states of consciousness one can […]

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Miscellaneous: The Crazy Stage

This is a behavior I have noticed, while being in this community. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced, or noticed  this, or if it was just me. The crazy stage (for lack of a better name) is a term that I personally use to refer to a point of time, where usually a new practitioner is […]

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Witchcraft: ABRACADABRA!

Abracadabra, some may know this as the word that stage magicians say as they do their magic, but it actually has a rooted past in occultism. People believe that this word may originate from some form of Aramaic roots, but nobody is completely 100% sure on the fact of its origin. In the Aramaic origin theory the phrases said to […]

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Terminology: Theurgy and Thaumaturgy

Theurgy, and thaumaturgy are two types of categories of magick. These terms are used to show the difference between the results of what you will accomplish from certain types of magick, along with what you will be impacting. They are not meant to be limiting in any form of thought, or idea, or even show superiority in any sort of […]

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Spiritual Practice: Soul Age

You’re soul age does not correlate to the time that you have spent existing, but much rather the growth of your inner being through experiences, lessons, and achievements. It is the growth, evolution, and transmutation of your soul, and where it is on its journey that makes up your soul age. These traits, experiences, and lessons will still be marked […]

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Witchcraft: Blessings

Blessing is the act of empowering some form of construct through the power of an entity, or particular energy. There are many ways that you can bless a construct using your craft and/or practice. Doing so will allow that construct to be in the favor of, or power of the specific entity, or energy of your choosing, so that it […]

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Witchcraft: War Water, And Peace Water

War Water War water also referred to as mars water is water with iron rust inside it. The water is usually a more reddish color, and usually in bodies the powers of the planetary body of mars. It is made simply by adding rust to water, but can be made more complicatedly by adding iron nails that will also rust […]

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Sigil Magick: Hypersigils

Hypersigils also called super sigils are sigils that are usually expressed through art based medias such as stories, poetry, lyrics, video, and much more. This technique was first brought to life by Grant Morrison Dossier a comic book writer, and an occultist. These sigils can be very powerful, but can also be quite complicated depending on how you go about […]

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Witchcraft: Book of Shadows (BOS)

A book of shadows is a book that is kept by a practitioner of magick that contains things that have to do usually with the craft. The book of shadow goes by many different names such as grimoire, book of wisdom, book of light, book of twilight, and/or book of spells among other things. Books of shadows are usually very […]

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Thoughtforms: Tulpas, And Tulpamancy

Tulpas are a certain type of thought form that are created through intense intent, and focus of your mind. These entities are a lot like servitors, but have more free will, and personality, and feel a lot less like servants, and more like friends, and allies. This entity can act independent of you, and has its own thoughts, feelings, and […]

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Divination: Shufflemancy

Shufflemancy is a type of divination that works by receiving messages in the forms of songs in a playlist. In this form of divination the practitioner will ask a question, or for guidance, and then activate shuffle in a playlist of some type. This playlist will then begin to play a song and from the song the practitioner will get […]

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Witchcraft: Moonlight Water, And Sunlight Water

Moonlight water, and sunlight water is as its name would suggest water that is left in the light of either the sunlight, or the moonlight. The water that is left in the light is charged with the energy of either the sun, or moon giving the water stronger metaphysical properties. This water can be used later in many different types […]

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Witchcraft: Emoji Spells

When I first discovered emoji spells I did not understand how these emojis could be used for magick, but through more research, and learning I learned that emoji spells could not only work in a magickal way, but were brilliant, and had adapted Certain magickal techniques into a whole new form of magick that could be used in this new […]

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Witchcraft: Taglocks, And Magickal Links

Taglocks are objects that are used to connect your magick to a person, or entity. These taglocks are most commonly heard of in curses, but can also be used in other forms of magick. They are used to make your spell more powerful by giving them a direct connection to what you would like them to effect. It is a lot […]

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Witchcraft: Magickal Tools

When practicing magick there are many tools that can help you to cast your will into the universe. These tools have been used throughout multiple cultures, and traditions, and will be helpful to learn, and adapt in your magickal practice. Altar: An altar is a space in which you can worship, and perform magick. It is connected to the element […]

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Witchcraft: How To Make a witches bottle

A witches bottle is a protective spell that acts as a decoy for curses. A witches bottle will make the curse go after it instead of its intended target, and once the curse attacks the witches bottle decoy it will be destroyed. A witches bottle can be a good technique when under spiritual attack by any other type of magick […]

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Thoughtform: How to make a Servitor

Servitors are artificial spirits that are made by the practitioner, and are used to complete tasks, or goals set by the practitioner to help him or her in their life, or magickal practice. Before you jump right into creating a servitor there are things you must plan out beforehand. Here are the things you’re going to need to think about […]

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Sigil Magick: How to make Acoustic Sigils

Acoustic sigils is a sigil that is made from complex electro-acoustic tones. These tones are selected by the remaining letters from a statement of intent. These letters will be used to make corresponding tones at different frequencies which will then be layered on top of each other to create these acoustic sigils. Once made you can use these acoustic sigils […]

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Sigil Magick: Tracing sigils into the air

Tracing sigils into the air can be used to activate sigils when you don’t have pen, paper, or any other supplies with you to make a physical representation of a sigil. Tracing symbols into the air to project your will has been a part of esoteric practices for a long time, and it is an effective, and very practical way […]

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Chaos Magick: The Gnostic Pentagram Ritual

The gnostic pentagram ritual was made by Peter Carrol, and was first documented in the Liber Kaos. This ritual is usually done before other rituals to cleanse the area of all unwanted energies, and can also be used whenever matched with any type of negative entity. It will go through the process of grounding, and centering you, while putting you […]

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Witchcraft: How To Create a Astral Temple

The astral temple is a place created through meditation, and astral projection. Astral projection is not needed in order to create, or use an astral temple. Despite being called an astral temple it is actually more on the etheric plane then the astral plane. An astral temple is a place in between worlds. This environment can be completely controlled by […]

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Witchcraft: The Evil Eye, And The Malochia

The evil eye, or the malochia is a curse in which ones harmful intent is channel through there gaze Inflicting the entity on the other end with bad luck, blockages, sickness, and other misfortunes. This curse with its more self explanatory, and simple nature means that it can be done involuntarily. This allows people who don’t even believe in the […]