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The Yamasa Ona, The Divines of Viadescioism:

The yamasa ona are the deities of Viadescioism. There are 10 main yamasa ona, and there are an infinite number of minor yamasa ona. The yamasa ona are divine archetypal personifications of specific aspects of nature, and existence, and are based off of the understandings in which the symbol of the xalaqa gives us. Nature being the basic or inherent […]

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Viadescioism: Fate And Destiny

Fate will happen in the future, usually because of a choice you made, or someone else did. Fate is like the lines that connect the act of cause and effect. These fates make up many branching paths in our experiences and can change by the slightest change in our choices. Fate can be chosen if one can see where they […]

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Viadescioism: Adalama, The Act Of Connecting, Sensing, Experiencing, And Influencing The Being Of Other Individuals And Constructs

Adalama is the act of connecting, sensing, experiencing, and influencing the being of other individuals and constructs by expanding your kna so that it interacts with theirs. Adalama can be helpful to identify specific types of kna that are a part of people, places, or things. It is important to remember that Adalama is not only a spiritual process and […]

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Viadescioism: The Awakened, And The Sleeping

The Awakened strive for knowledge and wisdom of existence, and the divines and the sleeping act within the roles of their incarnation. They are two sides of the same coin and exists in harmony. Existence wants to live and does not always want to be examined. Not all emanations of Oxakna will see the esoteric side of nature or strive […]

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Viadescioism: Reincarnation Memories

Individuals can remember events from other incarnations because we are all divine. We have access to everyone’s memories and experiences and can access them if we are connected to our divinity as Oxakna. We are all one and are a part of the Eternal Being, and our essence is their essence, and because of that, their memories are our memories. […]

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Viadescioism: Knama, The Aura Of Being

Knama is the aura of being. It is the pressure an individual sends out from themselves from simply being and is their kna interacting with the rest of the space. Every Skaknao has one of these things, regardless of if they are a person, place, or thing, and it is its presence that is felt around it. Knama extends from […]

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Viadescioism: Udakna Ona, The Incantation Stones

Udakna ona or incantation stones are usually marked smooth stones, traditionally painted with a sigil and arskasa ona about a specific intention. These stones are then used to focus ones kna upon that intention while touching the stone and usually chanting the arskasa ona that lay upon it. They are not magickal in themselves but produce the ability to focus […]

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Viadescioic Wolf Magick: Naknaarskama Ona, The Winged Wolves

Naknaarskama ona, The Winged Wolves are wolves with raven wings that protrude from their backs. These entities are symbols of enlightenment and divinity, portraying Freedom and strength through their being. They are connected to the element of air because of their wings and connected the element along with their propensity for wisdom and individualism. In Viadescioic Wolf Magick, these are […]

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Viadescioism: Skacaga ona, The Personal Guides and Guardians of an Individuals Essence

Skacaga ona are guides and guardians for an individual’s life. Skacaga ona are emanations of ourselves split off at different moments which embody various aspects of our essence. We can interact with these pieces of ourselves for guidance and protection. Because they are formed from your essence, they may take on the shape and connection of past entities with which […]

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Viadescioism: Elemental Owa, Movement Between The Elements, Rarefaction, and Condensation

Transmutation is the process by which one form is converted into another. it is the changing up of the different Elemental kna aspects in which makeup a specific form in order to change it into something else. Transmutation is done through Rarefaction , and condensation. Rarefaction, and condensation are the transformation phases of the elements which go through the process […]

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Viadescioism: Echoes, In between life and death

When a skaknao dies, it experiences annihilation, and it is diffused into the world, but if the skaknao dies with unfinished business, in a very emotional way, or wants to continue living, they can become a echo. Every construct and entity leaves behind a small echo but it is only the stronger ones that are usually noticed. Echo are shattered […]

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Viadescioism: The First Forms

Elemental Forms: Elemental Forms Are combinations of the elements working together to form other constructs. These combination of elements interact in different ways in order to give form to all things and include all four elements laid out in different ways and in different amounts. Every construct has every single element present within them, but it is how they are […]

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Viadescioism: Dreams, and The Dreamscape

Dreams are powerful tools that can be used in various different ways for not only performing magick, but also learning more about ourselves from the inside. Dreams are beautiful landscapes based in the mental that you can experience when you are sleeping. It is the way the skaknao continues it’s awareness while your body is at rest. Since your dreams […]

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Viadescioic Sigil Magick: Sigil Surroundings, the circle, the triangle, and the square

Sigil surroundings are shapes, designs, and/or glyphs you put around your sigil in order to enhance its kna. Sigils released their kna outward allowing it to connect with the kna of things around it allowing those things to influence its power. By placing shapes or other things around a sigil you are able to affect its kna. The simplest of these would […]

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Viadescioism: Vaskaknaova, Journey Meditation moving through the inner worlds

Vaskaknaova is a form of meditation in which you journey within the Ladaqa which is the divine mental aspect of existence. This meditation can be used for fun, learning, or for magick workings, and is a way of experiencing the fullness of the Ladaqa within the individual. These journeys can be random, or can be planned out in order to find specific answers to questions through […]

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Viadescioism: Empowerment for the day

In the practice of Viadescioism a Viadescioist can start their routine for the day by using this invocation. The practitioner would simply go through the process of making the Divine hand sign of Oxavadakna which is made by placing all of your fingertips against one another well all of your fingers are separated much like you are holding a ball. […]

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Viadescioism: Spells, and Rituals

Spells, and Rituals: This post is about the difference between spells, and rituals as they relate to Viadescioism. It is important to remember that many forms of practices will include ritual, and spellwork in the same working, and because of that the difference between these two aspects can get very blurry. It is usually a combination of both spells, and […]

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Viadescioism: Chanting Meditation

In the process of chanting meditation the practitioner will chant a specific phrase, or affirmation in order to focus upon it, while in an altered state of consciousness. Chants primarily will be used in order to set one’s mind into this altered state, and will allow the mind to meditate in a focused way. Chanting will also allow a practitioner […]