The laws of magick are laws in which have been accumulated in order to explain how magick will behave in certain situations. These laws have been gathered by many individuals who have had the same experience, and effects from magickal workings.

More laws, and axioms will be added over time as they are found, and understood:


The Axiom of Existence:

This law states that’s something exists, as opposed to nothing. It is an axiom of existence, which is an intrinsic property of existence, due to the fact that something needs to exist in order for you to even ask the question.

The Axiom of being:

It is impossible that the same thing be and not be at the same time and in the same respect. There can be no middle between being, and non­being.

The Axiom of causality:

Whatever is moved is moved by another. Nothing comes from nothing.

The Law of Equivalent Exchange

the will must be equal or greater than the act that is being manifested.

The Axiom of creation:

Anything that is created will eventually be destroyed. Anything that can be created or has been created can be destroyed and will eventually be destroyed because of that created things do not last forever and cannot be immortal.

The law of non-contradiction:

the two propositions “A is B” and “A is not B” are mutually exclusive. The same causes in the same circumstances produce always the same effects.

The Law of Oneness:

everything is connected to one another, This law tells that everything that exists, seen and unseen, emanates from one source of energy.

Nothing is the cause of itself.

Nature abhors the void.

Nature does nothing in vain.

The axiom of Consciousness:

This law states that consciousness does exist, as opposed to not. It is an axiom of existence, due to the fact that existence must be perceived by something in order to have a concept of existence, and because we all personally have consciousness.

The Law of Identity:

This law states that everything has its own unique characteristics, which makes it the same, and different as other constructs. There are always elements of a construct, or entity that allows them to identify as a specific being, while also allowing them to identify as the same as other things.


The Law of Mentalism:

THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.

The Law of Correspondence:

As above, so below; as below, so above.

The Law of Vibration:

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.

The Law of Polarity:

Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.

The Law of Rhythm:

Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.

The Law of Cause and Effect:

Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.

The Law of Gender:

Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine, and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.

The Law of Records:

This law states that everything is being recorded by the energy of the existence. Everything in existence is made out of energy in this energy recordes information on of what it comes in contact with, and that is opposed on it. This is sometimes known as the akashic records, or akashic energy.

Laws of Magick:

The Law Of Least Resistance:

The law of Least Resistance is a law that states; Constructs will always be manifested through the path of least resistance, unless the desire is specified to take a different route, but this may result in the manifestation taking longer, or needing more will in order for the desire to manifest.

The Law of Incarnation, and Reincarnation:

This law states that it is possible to incarnation, and reincarnation.

The Law of One, or The Law of Unity:

This law states that everything is connected in an intrinsic way, because of this everything has power over everything else, though this power will be slight, if this is the only connection facilitating it.

The Law of Relative, and Absolute Truth:

This law states that There are two kinds of truth in existence, one absolute, the other Relative. The absolute truth is objective, unchanging and eternal. The relative truth is relative, and subjective to a person, culture, tradition, or other grouping.

The Law of Energy Conservation, or The Law of Immortality:

This law states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be transferred, and has to go somewhere. This understanding works for natural science as well as it does for occult science.

The Law of Consecration:

This law states that wherever one focuses one’s mind with intense thought, and with a certain intention or desire in mind, one transmits energy that resonates with those intentions to it.

The Law of Power:

Everything in existence has power. Power being the capacity to direct, or influence in a particular way behaviors, actions, and qualities of itself, or of other constructs, or entities.

Law of identification, or Law of imitation:

This law states that an entity that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity. The more knowledge that the imitating, or identifying entity has the better, and stronger the association will be, and the more connected that entity will become to the other. This law seems to be connected to the law of association.

The Law Of Contiguity:

The law of contiguity is a law that states; Constructs that are close together, and that are linked by time, and/or space have power over each other. This is a sub law of the law of association.

The Law Of Continuous Association:

The law of continuous association is a law that states; if a construct is associated with something else frequently, it’s association , and connection will build greater every time it is done. Growing this association, and connection will allow these two constructs to have even more power, and control over each other. This is a sub law of the law of association.

The Law Of Contrast:

The law of contrast is a law that states; A construct is always associated, connected to, and will have power over any other construct that is seen as the exact contrast, or opposite to it. This is a sub law of the law of association.

Law of Balance:

This law states that balance between energies, and ideas achieves the greatest potential, and that extremes should be avoided, because the state allows you to be more open-minded, and to see all alternatives, so that you will be able to work with the most information, and choose the right path for yourself, while not being blinded.

The Law of Cycles

This law states that everything moves in cycles, and processes, events, or phenomena will eventually repeat themselves at certain times.

The Law of Consent:

This law states that it is harder to act magick on people who do not consent to the magickal practice, this is primarily because they are said to counteract it through sheer force of will, though it is not impossible to affect them it does make it harder.

The Law of Repeatable Achievements:

This law states if it has been done once it can be done again as long as all the variables are exactly the same, or are exchanged with constructs with equivalent properties.

The Law Of Knowledge

The law of knowledge is the more you know about something the more power you have over it. Knowledge is truly power. By knowing about something you have the ability, and the means in order to change, or control it. This law is not exclusive to magick. The law of knowledge is the most basic law of magick, but maybe one of the most important.

The Law Of Self-Knowledge

The law of self-knowledge is a sub law of the law of knowledge. It is basically you should know thyself. Knowing yourself gives you power over you. Understanding the ins, and outs of yourself is the best way to grow, and learn. Without knowing yourself you do not know your limitations, and weaknesses, or the max of your power, and can never hope to raise to heights unknown. You are the master of your destiny, and the captain of your soul.

The Law Of Cause & Effect

The law of cause, and effect is if you commit a certain action, or actions it will usually produce the same result every time. Applying the this magick is different than applying it in science to the inherent fact of the amount of variables that you can not regulate, or even understand to perceive magick. This leads practitioners to focus on the more important effects to get there certain outcome.

The Law Of Synchronicity

The law of synchronicity is there is no coincidences. Two or more events seldom happened without being interconnected in some way, or form. Isolated events, or experiences can occur, but it is rare.

The Law Of Association

The law of association is where two things have in common one, or more properties, and these properties can be used to control both of these things. These two things are connected by imposed, or imaginary conditions giving you the power to control both of them if you use the imposed, or imaginary conditions.

The Law Of Similarity

The law of similarity is having an accurate representation of an entity, a place, or a thing that will allow you to gain power, and control over the entity, place, or thing it represents. We see this law used a lot in different types of curses, love spells, and binding rituals were you need a picture representation, or to visualize the person. Having things that look similar to your target will give you power, and control over them.

The Law Of Contagion

The law of contagion is if something has contact with something else it will continue to have contact with it even after they are separated. This means if you touch something, that something we’ll have a direct line to you even after you leave connection with it. This connection can also be used as a target in magickal working to get to you. Which makes everything that you own, or come in contact with have a part of you in it.

The Law Of Positive Attraction

The law of positive attraction is energies are attracted to the same certain energy. Two energies that are alike will come, and be attracted to each other. This means that if you put out happy energy, more happy energy will be attracted to you.

The Law Of Negative Attraction

The law of negative attraction is energies that are the opposite of each other are attracted to each other. One energy goes out in the opposite energy of it will come in. This means that if you put out happy energy, more negative energies will be attracted to you.

The Law Of Names

The law of names is if you know the true name of an object, a being, or a process you will be able to control, and manipulate it. The name is one of the most powerful targeting techniques in all of magick. This is why people use secret magickal names. It allows people not to have power over you. If you say names of things that are negative it gives them power, because even mentioning there names gives them your energy.

The Law Of Words Of Power

The law of words of power is there are some words in this reality in which hold power for certain people. Depending on what word it is, who it is spoken in front of, and who has spoken it. Can affect, manipulate, and control certain people. This is like the word witchcraft. It’s a good, and positive thing when you’re talking to other witches, but becomes a bad thing if you were to speak of it in a church to the pastor, or to most people in the congregation. Words have power.

The Law Of Personification

The law of personification is by treating anything as a entity, or being, and considering it to be alive it will be easier to control, and work with.

The Law Of Invocation

The law of invocation states that it is possible to communicate with entities from inside, or outside external self from entities that seem to be on the inside.

The Law Of Evocation

The law of evocation states that it is possible to communicate with entities from inside, or outside external self from entities that seem to be on the outside.

The Law Of Identification

The law of identification is where a thing is so highly associated with another thing that it actually takes on the knowledge, and power of that being.

The Law Of Infinite Data

The law of infinite data is exactly how it sounds. The amount of information is unlimited, and there is always something to learn, create, or to be discovered. There will always be something new.

The Law Of Finite Senses

The Law of finite senses is entities are limited by range, and type of information they can perceive. This means most likely that one entity can not perceive everything for something will always be hidden. No entity will be able to make accurate judgment through a hundred percent of all universal information.

The Law Of Personal Universes

The Law of Personal Universes is every individual creates his/her own personal universe that can never be the same as anyone else’s.

The Law Of Infinite Universes

The Law of Infinite Universes is there’s an infinite number of possibilities for universes the can, and do exist.

The Law Of Pragmatism

The law of pragmatism is if it works, it is true.

The Law Of True Falsehoods

The Law of True Falsehoods is if it’s a paradox it’s probably true.

The Law Of Synthesis

The Law of Synthesis is everything can be split down into multiple opposing characteristics that in body a little bit of each other. These multiple opposing characteristics are not naturally at war with one another, and can work in harmony.

The Law Of Opposites

The Law of Opposites is is a sub law to the law of Synthesis. The opposite of something is uniquely connected to that something. Control over the opposite of something will also give you control over that something.

The Law Of Dynamic Balance

The Law of dynamic balance is a very important. It states that one’s universe must be in a constant state of dynamic balance so that one does not become an an extremist on one of the sides. This law make sure you did not get completely consumed by one aspect of any form. Balance is key in life, and magick.

The Law Of Perversity

The law of perversity is pretty much just murphy’s law which states anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

The Law Of Unity

The law of unity is everything is connected directly, and indirectly of each other regardless of time, or space.

The Law Of combined effort

The Law Of combined effort states that entities that Focus towards the same form of manifestation add to each other.

The Law Of intention will and action

The Law Of intention will and action

The law of non-existence

If a thing can be conceived as not existing, its essence does not involve existence.