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Witchcraft: The full moons, and their metaphysical properties

Full Moon of January: The energies of the wolf moon (Wasaodakna): The Wolf Expression Pathfinding Communication New Beginnings Renewal Loyalty Survival Hard work Spirit work Determination Protection Endurance Creativity Strength Overcoming Obstacles Home Family Caring Self care Strength Full Moon of February: The energies of the Snow Moon (Usaodakna): Planning Purification Initiation Cleanse Property Growth Healing Self-love Forgiveness Future plans […]

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Laws of existence: Some laws of magick

Some laws that I believe should be added to the laws of magick. original post: The Law Of Contiguity: The law of contiguity is a law that states; Constructs that are close together, and that are linked by time, and/or space have power over each other. This is a sub law of the law of association. The Law Of Continuous […]

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Wolf Of Antimony’s personal practice: “What’s your faith, what’re your beliefs? What’s your religion, or who are you devoted to?”

My first religion was Lutheran Christian, but I started to lose Faith with it as there were many questions that Christianity did not answer. Shortly after I started my practice of energy work, psionics, and martial arts. I eventually came in contact with the new age community, and then I considered myself a new ager for a while. After that […]

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Magick: Using your phones in magick

In order to do this you would need to bring your phone into your magickal working space, so that you will be able to incorporate It in your spell, or ritual. These devices can be incorporated into your working in different ways, but one of the main ways is to use it as a source of power, much like you […]

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Witchcraft: “Why would it be important to “cast a circle” in the shape of a circle?”

It’s sort of matters, casting a circle in the shape of a circle will provides certain benefits that you may not get with other shapes, though you are able to cast different shapes such as a square, or triangle. Circles provide even protection around a specific point. Circles are one of the strongest shapes. Circles provide energy to flow in a circular […]

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Wolf Of Antimony’s personal practice: “To what extent has your practice been influenced by preexisting systems, and which ones would you say most influenced you?”

My practice has been influenced by every other practice underneath the sun, and it would be almost impossible to give a definitive list at this point, but I would say definitely some of the main influences would be: Paganism Neo paganism New Ageism New thought Wiccan Neo Wiccan Neo shamanism Animism Gnosticism Rosicrucianism Traditional witchcraft Ceremonial magick Chaos Magick Hermeticism Theosophy […]

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Ravens of antimony: Okna Ona and Akna Ona

Okna Ona means an umbrella attribute, and Akna Ona is the specific attribute of the raven. Okna Ona: In the Ravens of antimony system there are 12 Okna Ona with three Ravens in each one. These are the specific groupings of the Raven of antimony system, and each one of these groupings is also an attribute over the three ravens that are part […]

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Witchcraft: Why are there only 5 elements?

This philosophy at least in western culture originally comes from classical Greek philosophy, more specifically Empedocles. These four elements are the building blocks of all existence metaphysically, and all constructs can be broken down into these four elements. Any construct that you can think of is made metaphysically out of these different elemental concepts, and these different aspects of them can be […]

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Terminology: Residual Energy

Residual Energy is spiritual energy left behind from entities, constructs, and events on places, and objects in which they happened, or resided near to. All things leave behind residual energy, but more powerful positive or negative entities, constructs, and events can greatly change the energy of place or objects they come near to. This is the energy that people pick up psychically, and is what we cleanse away […]

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Terminology: Spells vs Rituals

This post is about the difference between spells, and rituals as they relate to magick. It is important to remember that many forms of practices will include ritual, and spellwork in the same working, and because of that the difference between these two aspects can get very blurry. It is usually a combination of both spells, and rituals that go […]

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Terminology: Libation

Libations are ritualistic pouring out of a liquid, or of grain. This pouring out is an offering to spiritual entities, such as deities, and ancestors. This is a very common practice that has been used by many various cultures all over the world. Alcohol is a very common liquid that is used for libations though pretty much any form of […]

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Witchcraft: Where to go?

First learn about yourself, your philosophy, and your religion, so that you can understand what exactly makes you do things, and where you want to take your practice. Research Traditions such as chaos Magick, theosophy, the Golden Dawn, and traditional Witchcraft, along with others. Spend time learning the fundamental parts of occultism through Occult Philosophy, such things as the kybalion, Authentic Thaumaturgy: […]

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Magick: Is the word “Black Magick” racist?

Introduction: This post was originally something I wrote for tumblr. I’ve been seeing a lot of this topic on the witch side of tumblr, and I thought I would talk about it to clear up some misinformation, and maybe add some stuff to the discussion. This is coming from my experiences, understandings, teachings and my research I’ve done on this […]

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Terminology: misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation

Misinformation is information that is false, or inaccurate in which was not intended to cause harm. This happens when people post things with outdated information, or from unreliable sources. Disinformation is information that is false or inaccurate that is intended to harm, and will usually target people, groups, an organization, or an country. Disinformation usually includes things such as hoaxes, […]

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Arda: Xauknava

Xauknava is a mental, and spiritual state in which an individual can enter into during a fight. Xauknava is a berserk like state of mind that can be triggered within an individual. This state grants the individual benefits if they are able to enter, and control the state. It is pretty much a state in which you call upon, either voluntarily, or involuntarily, your […]

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Arda: Weak spots of the body

This is a list of points that you should be targeting with your attacks during an altercation. By striking these points you will be able to end the fight as quickly as possible by incapacitating your opponent in the most effective way. These points are not all for sport and are more for defending yourself in a real world fight, […]

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Divination: 2 spread layout list

These are divination spreads with a layout of 2 spaces. They can be used with many different forms of divination such as tarot, runes, or oracle cards. Blockage | Solution Situation | Challenge I | You Aim | Blockage Ideal | Settling for Now | Later Situation | Extra info Querent | Adversary Choice A | Choice B Core Need […]

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Divination: 3 spread layout list

These are divination spreads with a layout of three spaces. They can be used with many different forms of divination such as tarot, runes, or oracle cards. Beginning | Middle | End Mind | Body | Spirit Your conscious mind | Your sub-conscious mind | Your unconscious mind Past | Present | Future Material state | Emotional state | Spiritual […]

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Wolf Magick: The connection to the Moon

Wolves have a very strong connection to the Moon even though the physical animal generally does not interact with the Moon. How wolves originally got associated with the moon seems to be from them being nocturnal animals, and also them raising their heads while they howl looking almost as if they are communicating with what is above them which was […]

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Sigil Magick: Recreating sigils

All sigils are able to be reproduced by recreating the sigil representation again, because of this you are able to use any sigil that you are able to find, and charge, and activate in order to use it in your own working. You do not need to make the sigils a hundred percent exact, when you are going through the […]

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Arda: Baari

The Baari mental state is one characterized by mindfulness, equanimity, relaxed alertness, and gracefulness. Practitioners of arda enter this state at the beginning of the fight willfully through certain techniques. It is a form of mindfulness for fighting allowing the practitioner to be completely aware of their surroundings, and of their opponent. It will center, and ground the individual spiritually, while […]

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Viadescioism: Festival

The four corners of time: Shanaknada | Spring Equinox Skanaknada | Summer Solstice Ardnaknada | Autumn Equinox Abtnaknada | Winter Solstice The Moons: Wasaknada | January Full moon Usaknada | February Full moon Knasaknada | March Full moon Shasaknada |  April moon Skasaodakna | May moon Dasaknada | June moon Vasaknada | July moon Isaknada | August moon Thasaknada | October moon […]

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Viadescioism: Basic Understanding

Viadescioism (pronounced v-ah-de-shi-oh-ism) is a philosophy, and religion based off the understandings of The Wolf of Antimony. It incorporates his understandings of philosophy, ideology, martial arts, and healing. Etymology: The word viadescioism comes from the latin word “via” meaning road, way, highway, or path, the Latin word “de” meaning “of” , and the Latin word “scio” meaning knowledge, while being combined […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Death|Abt

23:1 Death is not the end: Death is seen as a transition. 23:2 Everything is impermanent. 23:3 Do not be afraid of death. 23:4 Death is not a punishment, but should be avoided until it is time for one to die. 23:5 Death is not to be grieved but it is to be celebrated. 23:6 But, Death before someone’s time […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Life|Ska

22:1 Every individual is able to choose who they reincarnate into, choosing any body that is being developed. 22:2 Spirit guides watch over the individual chosen by Oxaskada. 22:3 Memories of the afterlife, and other lies are erased upon incarnation. 22:4 Upon their birth all of the energies of this world at that moment impact them upon their first breath. […]

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Arda: Warm-up Exercises

These are warm up exercises for the practice of arda. This list will be added to as I find more things to add to it. Meditation: Void meditation Focus meditation Journey meditation Spiritual Energy Exercises: Centering Grounding Spiritual energy ball Flexibility Training: Standing Calf Stretch with Wall – Achilles Stretch and Calf Stretch Ankle Rotation – Ankle Stretches Frankenstein Stretch […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Viadescioism|Talabalabadaja

19:1 Talabalabadaja is the path of knowledge. 19:2 Take what you can from Talabalabadaja, or individualize it to suit your individual needs. 19:3 Viadescioism also referred to as Talabalabadaja is the spiritual philosophy that focuses on understanding existence physically, spiritually, and mentally. 19:4 This philosophy focuses more on individuals, and putting power into their hands, so that they are able to, explore, […]

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The Elements of Viadescioism: Enlightenment|Xa

16:1 An individual that is completely connected with Oxakna will be xa. 16:2 It is an individual that is self-realized, and authentic. 16:3 It is an individual that has great comprehension of the situation of everything. 16:4 It is an individual that is in line with their true nature. 16:5 It is an individual that is being present within the […]