The astral temple is a place created through meditation, and astral projection. Astral projection is not needed in order to create, or use an astral temple. Despite being called an astral temple it is actually more on the etheric plane then the astral plane. An astral temple is a place in between worlds. This environment can be completely controlled by the practitioner, and can be a place where the practitioner can do magickal workings. Many practitioners use their astral temple for invocation, thoughtform creation,  journeys, summoning spirits, and much, much more. Astral temples are designed, and built by the petitioner. It can look any way he, or she would like it too. Astral temples are actually created a lot like thoughtform where we build it from intense visualization, intent, will and programmed energy. It is said that you can create astral temples with other people, or your coven. Once you create your astral temple you’ll never need to create it again.


You first have to come up with an idea, or blueprint in order to create your astral temple. You need to think what you want your astral temple to look like, what attributes it will have, and the things you wanted to come with. You need to do this in great detail, and you even need to think of what everything is made out of. This step will take different amounts of time for everybody depending on how creative you would like to be. More artsy people could spend hours in this step, where people who can may spend like 15 seconds. All you have to do is come up with a blueprint of how it is going to look, work, and feel. Be as creative as you would like, and have fun with it.

2) Starting ritual

Once you have your blueprint completely planned out it is time to begin the ritual. Begin with your banishing ritual of choice you can use any of them like the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, the lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram, or even the gnostic pentagram ritual. Next you’ll probably want to cast a circle, or use another form of protection method. Then sit down, and close your eyes.

3) Creation

To begin the creation process you must enter a meditative state through any method that you find appealing. Once in this meditative state you must first envision the landscape that you will be building your temple upon. The landscape can be anything including a forest, ocean, swamp, or even space itself. The sky’s the limit. All that really matters is that the environment is comfortable, and relaxing to you.  Once you have the landscape begin building your temple through envisioning it being built Brick by Brick from the foundation to the top. See yourself building your astral Temple adding all of the meticulous details. Allow everything to become tangible, and for you to fully immerse yourself in this world you’re creating for yourself. Create everything you had in mind, and in your blueprint that you wanted back in preparation. Remember to use strong visualization, intent, and will to forge your your astral Temple from the energetic building blocks of the etheric plane. When you are done slowly back out of the meditation. Open your eyes, and undo your circle. Remember you can go back to your astral temple any time by just entering a meditative state, and willing to be there. it is a space that exists within the mental and spiritual realms, and is a place you can visit in meditation, dreams, and astral projection.

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