• Beer: Earth, Home, Family, Prosperity, and Protection.
  • Cider: Earth, Success, Growth, health, and Love.
  • Wine: Air, Health, Success, Prosperity, Passion, Lust, Love, Contentment, Fertility, and Independence.
  • Mead: Earth, Courage, Connection, Love, lust, Beauty, and Protection.
  • Sangria: Water, Happiness, and Celebrations.
  • Absinthe: Air, Psychic, Protection, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, and Safe Travels.
  • Gin: Earth, Health, Protection, and Binding.
  • Rum: Water, Prosperity, relationship, Clarity, Love, Strength, and Connection.
  • Tequila: Fire, cleansing, Purification, Banishing, and protection.
  • Vodka: Fire, Strength, Courage, Motivation, Stability, and Power.
  • Whiskey: Water, Change, Protection, Strength, Energy, Prosperity, Growth, Transformation, Fertility, Marriage, and Financial Luck.
  • Brandy: Earth, Love, Fertility, Happiness, and Prosperity.
  • Sake: Air, Blessing, Prosperity, and Protection.
  • Ouzo: Water, Sleep, Protection, Blessing, Fertility, Longevity, Healing, Love, Purification, Strength, Banishment, and Exorcism.
  • Liqueurs: Earth, Sympathy, Wisdom, Prosperity, Love, Lust, and Grace.


  1. That was a really clever post phelan.Most people don’t realize alcohol is very important for health because it kills even antibiotic resistant bacteria.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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